Monday, 2 October 2017

"The Red Drum" Performance Art - 1989 - Montréal - October 2, 2017

"The Red Drum" was initially conceived and performed in a storefront window on Avenue B and 2nd in the East Village in 1987.  At that time, I was conveniently located across the street from "Art Space B-2" aka as "The Gas Station" aka as "The Garage", an unconventional underground outdoor space where anyone could hang out and make things, watch others work on their creations or pick up stuff to create their own works of art.

One afternoon, I strolled over and asked one of the guys if he had an old oil drum I could have as a prop for my performance and he happily obliged.

Throughout my performance art life, I have always been into latex body paint, so for "The Red Drum", I came upon the idea of painting myself as a living sculpture, an extension of the oil drum.  My deliberately slow movements, which ended in holding full 2 minute poses, were choreographed to a Die Form industrial music track, which blared out onto the sidewalk through a couple of speakers.  

As I moved through the window space which had been painted red, I experimented with different movements and poses all the while playing with the low overhead lighting for extra effect.  

As a small crowd of late night spectators gathered around the store front, I recall seeing a local New York artist filming my performance from the other side of the window but to date have never seen the actual video. 

These photos were taken in 1989 at Montréal's Les Foufounes Électriques as I opened for a local punk band and re-created a toned-down version of  the original "The Red Drum".  Enjoy!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Nico, 1988 - Suzanne Nicchiarelli - September 28, 2017

"Her earliest memory is a haunting one: As a child at the end of World War II, she is standing with her mother and watching Berlin burn in the distance under Allied bombs. This traumatic moment connects to later dysfunctioning like her own personal Rosebud." - Deborah Young for the Hollywood Reporter.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Anarchestra - September 25, 2017

"I consider myself to be a member of long-lived tribe, the tribe of music makers. We have existed as long as the human race (and probably longer). Respectful as I am of my predecessors, I don’t consider the traditions of our tribe to be formal and limiting. The truest traditions of music are innovation and discovery. It is the quest of every musician to develop their own relationship to the universe of sound. We all do this in our own peculiar ways. No one who directs the efforts of their life to making sound is to be dismissed or devalued.

Whether we choose the contexts in which we work or they choose us, we go forward, impelled by our various levels of interest to discover, to understand, to achieve techniques, to make our noise and put our stains upon the silences."

-Alex Ferris

Thank you Ork Wurzel for introducing me to Anarchestra!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Phew - "Light Sleep" - September 22, 2017

"Japanese avant-garde vocalist who started out as a member of the legendary punk band Aunt Sally. In 1980 she collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto on the single Shukyoku. In '81 she and the members of Can made the album Phew. After taking some time off, Phew made a recording with former members of DAF and Neubauten. She subsequently released two albums with Anton Fier, Bill Laswell and others. She is currently active in a wide range of projects, including Novo Tono, Phew Unit, a duo with Seiichi Yamamoto, and Big Picture." - Phew Discogs

Thanks to Ork Wurzel for introducing me to the music of Phew